When will the first cookbook/dining guide be published? (And what’s happening while we wait?)   

Publication of Tacoma Aroma: Savor the Flavor is planned for spring of 2020. When an official premier date is confirmed, we’ll let you know!

Meanwhile (as of July 4, 2019), chefs and mixologists have submitted recipes, tips, and seasonal pizza topping ideas. Partnerships are being confirmed with local nonprofit organizations that will receive 25.3% of the book profits. Photography has been completed. Tacoma Spoonscape stickers and postcards are being offered at local shops to help raise funds for publication, and we’re looking at offering tee shirts as well. Recipe testing is under way. Writing and layout of the book commences soon. And all sorts of businessy-wuisnessy markety-warkety stuff is happening—like preparing to launch a crowd-funding campaign and fund-raising events. (Because stickers are helpful, but you’d have to sell a bazillion of them to pay for publication of a book!)      

Did I hear this is going to be a series?

You heard right!

All books will feature Fresh Local Organic Seasonal Sustainable food systems, and the first several will be 253-centric. (Depending on how those go, we may expand to other communities.) We haven’t finalized which will come first, but here’s what we’re thinking for the next two…

One book will showcase local eateries and producers who offer “Dog-friendly Dining,” such as food trucks; or who support animal welfare in other ways. Recipe contributors will share stories about their interactions with animals—whether those animals have hair, fur, feathers, fins, or scales. That book will benefit local nonprofit organizations that benefit Animal Welfare—in our homes, farms, zoos, or in the wild.

Another book in the series will feature “Breakfast with the Arts,” and will benefit local Arts organizations. We’re hoping to pair artists with chefs, spurring further creativity. We’d especially like to highlight young artists, perhaps partnering with local schools and inviting students to create works of art, whether those be object-oriented (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc.) or performance-based (dance, music, theater, etc.) We’re still working out the details, but there may be a contest, with winning entries featured in the book. ~Something along those lines. Stay tuned.

You keep using that word, “local.” Do you only mean Tacoma?

When it comes to ingredient sources, we consider the Pacific Northwest to be our local food system.
In terms of restaurants, businesses, and nonprofits, we’re focused on the 253 area code, which centers on Tacoma but includes neighboring communities. The first book includes eateries from Federal Way, Milton, Parkland, Steilacoom, and Gig Harbor.

The book is called Tacoma Aroma: Savor the Flavor…why are non-Tacoma restaurants included?

Good question!
Although we consider ourselves Gritty Tacomans, our lives don’t halt at the city limits. We’ve collected favorite eateries from across the 253, and we want this series to reflect that broader community.

Plus, the industrial “Aroma of Tacoma” wafted beyond Tacoma’s boundaries. If nearby towns had to endure the stench back in the day, they should also enjoy the modern benefits of neighboring with T Town. ☺

When does the crowd-funding campaign launch?

To be notified when we launch the crowd-funding campaign later this year, send us a message with your email address. We promise not to spam you or otherwise hurl pork products in your direction. Thanks for your interest. Please tell you friends! 

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