2 minutes 53 seconds at Early Bird Farm

With a literal backdrop of sustainable agriculture, I wanted to remind you about Thriftapalooza this weekend — a sustainable shopping event taking place at the Tacoma Convention Center (not the Tacoma Dome).

I’ll be there on Saturday, chatting with folks about sustainable cooking & dining; and rolling out the next round of #TacomaAromaFlavorfull prize drawings.

EnviroStars* is partnering with me to spread the word about sustainable practices, and is contributing a $50 gift certificate to the prize pile!

There are multiple ways to enter the November prize drawings…

  • Enter here.
  • Visit my table during Thriftapalooza on Saturday, Nov. 5.
  • Follow @Tacoma.Aroma.Flavor on IG & FB for additional opportunities to enter.

Meanwhile, visit EnviroStars.org and search the Green Business Directory to find businesses that have been certified for their sustainable practices.

(And if you’re an EnviroStar business in practice, but aren’t yet certified, here’s your nudge to step up. Set aside 30 minutes to answer the questionnaires for certification. I signed up a couple years ago, and would be happy to chat with you about my experience with the program.)

*I misspoke in the video. I meant to say EnviroStars, not Energy Star. I apologize for the confusion. All the cackling & crowing threw me off. 🤣

A.K.A. Ms. Tacoma Aroma

P.S. If you also happen to be obsessed with delicious, sustainable eggs, take a peek at my blog post “A Really Good Egg.”

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