2 minutes 53 seconds of Autumnal events

I had so much to share today… I was talking too fast and tripping over words, but I still ran over by a minute or so. LOL

TLDW? Here’s a still-kind-of-long summary:

• October is Tacoma Arts Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Filipino American History Month. I’m celebrating by supporting HilltopArtists.org, carving calavera “skull” jack o’ lanterns, and giving away a $25.30 gift certificate for Jan Parker Cookery‘s fresh & distinct Filipino cuisine. Enter the Tacoma Aroma Flavor-full drawing!

• The annual Abundance dinner and auction to raise funds for the Emergency Food Network (EFN) is on Saturday, Oct. 22. I’ve donated some of my #TacomaSpoonscape swag + a $25.30 gift certificate for Happy Belly to the auction, and Jennifer Johnson — owner of Happy Belly — matched my donation! Visit efoodnet.org for more info and to support EFN.

• The Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Show runs Thursday, Oct. 20–Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Tacoma Dome. I’ll be in the audience cheering for my favorite local chefs as they do food demos. If you see me there, please say hello!

• I’m hosting a table during Thriftapalooza on Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Tacoma Convention Center. The theme of the event is sustainability, so drop by to chat about fresh, local, seasonal food, and to enter the November Tacoma Aroma Flavor-full drawing! I’ll also be holding a food drive for EFN that day. ~If you make a donation, I’ll have free Spoonscape swag for you as a token of my appreciation.

• ICYMI: I’m officially an “Expert” on local dining! 😉 The University of Puget Sound (where I work) invited me to share close-to-campus favorite eateries for their Experts Corner in the upcoming Arches alumni magazine. Here’s the web version of the article.

A.K.A. Ms. Tacoma Aroma

P.S. I’m just realizing that I failed to upload my video from 253 Day on Sept. 10, 2022. Here’s a link to that, wherein I chat about events, and make suggestions for eateries in Steilacoom.

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