2 minutes 53 seconds of Pasta-making

Here’s 2 minutes & 53 seconds of me shaping bow tie pasta while I chat distractedly, in my attempt* to multi-task…

Here are the highlights:
• Chef Derek Bray of The Table (whose pasta dough recipe I’m using) is much better at this than me. LOL
• This recipe will be in my upcoming cookbook that features chefs and bartenders from the 253 area code, Tacoma Aroma: Savor the Flavor.
• I’ll soon be inviting folks to test the recipe…
• If you’d like to join the recipe-testing community — and get your name listed in the book! — drop me a line at Info@TacomaAromaFlavor.com.

(A.K.A. Ms. Tacoma Aroma)

*Sorry for the dead air toward the end. I had flour on my hands and didn’t want to pick up my phone. **sheepish grin**

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