Epiphany in the City of Destiny


Earlier this year, during a birthday celebration at Over the Moon Cafe, book-ended by visits to Devil’s Reef, I had what I’m calling my “epiphany…”

Blissed out by Jason’s cocktails and Deanna’s food, I proclaimed:

Someday, when I compile a cookbook featuring all of my favorite local chefs and mixologists, these two need to be in it. And I’m going to call the cookbook Tacoma Aroma! And. And I want to donate part of the proceeds to local nonprofits!

As soon as the words were uttered, I realized that it was more than just a rum-fueled, cockeyed idea. I wanted to make it happen.

So I went home that night and started an Instagram account—like you do—while I explored the possibility of bringing my dream to fruition.

After doing some research (a lot of research), conducting informational interviews, brainstorming and soul-searching, and drafting a business plan, I decided to go for it.

And it feels like a natural progression in my development…

My experiences writing and editing, organizing complex projects, and promoting community-based resources are ingredients in a recipe (pun intended) that aligns my skill set with my interests and passions—celebrating local farm-to-table food culture and supporting local nonprofits in the areas of Arts, Education, Human Services, Animal Welfare, and Nature Conservancy.

Working on this project, I’m learning so much. I’m meeting amazing people. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’m having a ton of fun. And I finally feel like I’ve found what I was meant to do. Is that cheesy? (Mm, cheeese!) Maybe. But isn’t that what an epiphany ought to look like?

Epiphally yours,


Image by Kris Hay
© 2018 Tacoma Aroma Flavor

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