Top 9 of 2018

It’s been a good (busy) year since the night of my epiphany, and the start of my Tacoma.Aroma.Flavor Instagram account. Although I only have 9 months of posts, I compiled my #top9of2018 collage…

Not surprisingly, multiple Tacoma Aroma: Savor the Flavor cookbook/guidebook contributors made it in to the Top 9…
1. Chefs Jon Maley of @chuchbyjon and Hudson Slater of @asado_tacoma onstage during the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival at the Dome
2. A fabulous craft cocktail on Chris Kiel’s @enramatacoma patio
3. Delicious menu experimentation by Elisa Marzano @marzano_restaurant
4. And a toast to the macramé at Jason Alexander’s @thefernroom

5. Vinyl stickers featuring Ric Matthies’ Spoonscape attracted the most likes of all. Which is awesome because that’s a big part of how we’re raising funds to publish Tacoma Aroma: Savor the Flavor. (Get your stickers at @stocklistgoods and post photos of them with the #TacomaSpoonscape hashtag to be entered into monthly drawings!)

6. A safely secured stalk of sprouts was unexpectedly wildly popular.

7&8. A couple of my homemade dishes made it in…a vegan sammy & boozy cherries. You’ll see more posts featuring homemade food in 2019 as I test recipes for the book!

9. And last but not least, who doesn’t love @metmarket‘s The Cookie?!

2019 is stacking up to be a full fuller fullest year…
Partnerships with 253 area code nonprofits who’ll receive 25.3% of the book’s profits are being confirmed…
Photography shoots with @genevievedenisephoto start soon…
Posters to promote participating restaurants are being drafted…
The Kickstarter launches this summer…
And if all goes according to plan, by this time next year, the first book in the series will be compiled, published, and available for sale in local shops!

Phew. I’m gonna need to start taking vitamins. 😁😁😁

Happy New Year!!

Image by Kris Hay
© 2019 Tacoma Aroma Flavor

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