Milcation Podcast: Tacoma Food Scene

I recently sat down with Peggy Cleveland to chat about the local food scene for her Milcation Podcast. Peggy is a travel and food writer who shares tips for local dining and day-trips from the Tacoma/JBLM area, and also further afield in the PNW. (She mentioned restaurants in Sequim and Kirkland during our conversation that I can’t wait to try!)

The release of this episode on Valentine’s day is appropriate, because I tried to shout out and send love to as many local favs as I could. ~We ran long, so not everyone made the final cut, but hopefully you know that I love you, too!

Milcation Podcast with Marguerite Cleveland, author of 100 Things To Do In Tacoma Before You Die

Here’s when to find specific mentions:
@overthemooncafe 3:45 & 20:35
@emergencyfoodnetwork & @wagoodwill (literally just a name-drop & with a brain stutter, alas) 5:00
@genevievedenisephoto 6:50
@janparkercookery 7:20
@sharethewealthorganics 8:15
@adams_mushrooms 11:20
@tacomaboysmarkets 11:50
@spaceworkstacoma & @tacoma_chamber & @cityoftacoma 12:25
@marzano_restaurant 18:20 & 18:40
@devils_reef 20:50
@enramatacoma & @courthousesquaretacoma 23:25
@the_mill_of_milton 26:15
@table47_gigharbor 27:30
@brix25restaurant & @brimstonepnw & @netshed9 28:40
@pimientabistro 31:15

Cheers, and Happy Vally!

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